In celebration of this magical place! This popular, woodsy soap uses all natural ingredients, colourants + essential oils. Lake Louise soap is scented with rose, cedarwood + a dash of patchouli, making it both floral + earthy - just like the rejuvenating mountain air. Handmade + cured in Anto's northern Canadian studio located in Yukon Territory.


Beautifully wrapped in a Meghan Hildebrand mini art print + exclusive to Branches.


4 oz bar


Ingredients: aqua (water), sodium cocoate (coconut oil), sodium conolate (canola oil), sodium olivate (olive oil), sodium palmate (palm oil), sodium lactateillite, kaolin (pink clay), essential oils


Made in Canada

Anto Yukon Lake Louise bar soap - 4oz / 113g

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  • Anto Yukon is a bath + body company that is passionate about the natural world. Anto draws inspiration for their products from favourite Canadian landscapes.


    All products are crafted in small batches in Anto's northern Yukon studio with 100% natural ingredients + scents. Locally collected + processed wild botanicals are incorporated when possible. Anto’s eye catching packaging is reusable or recyclable + the stunning artwork on the wrappers features paintings created by Meghan Hildebrand - ex-Yukoner, now based in Powell River, BC.