Drizzle honey is an everyday luxury you can feel great about. Drizzle is completely raw, bee-friendly + supports Canadian beekeepers.


Drizzle Honeycomb is a rare + sweet indulgence. The light wax combs are 100% edible + filled to bursting with fresh, delicious honey that you can eat with a spoon. Honeycomb is the rawest form of Drizzle Honey + is a luxurious topping or pairing for cheese, fruit, meat + bread. An essential for any charcuterie board!


200g / 7oz 


Made in Canada 

Drizzle Honeycomb - 200g / 7oz

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  • Introducing Drizzle: a Calgary based line of boutique honey products, sustainably produced + made with 100% Canadian honey.


    Go ahead + indulge. Because this honey is raw, it contains healthy enzymes, vitamins + minerals.