Showcase your favourite plants or floral stems in this stylish, one of a kind ceramic plant pot. It's fresh + modern desgin will nicely enhance any decor + your plants will thank you. 


Measures approximately: 4" tall x 5" diameter


Each ceramic piece is entirely handmade, therefore may vary slightly in size, color + other details from the item pictured. 


Made in Canada

Lisa Warren Ceramics - planter pot

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  • Lisa Warren is a ceramic artist, born + raised in Vancouver, BC. 


    ​While Lisa has experience in various art forms, clay has always been her calling. Focusing on functional ceramics, Lisa has a large portfolio of wheel thrown work as well as a collection of hand built geometric pieces. Her work delivers a light + soothing treat to the eye while capturing the feeling of warmth + weight when held in your hand. Lisa’s pottry pieces are made to last + designed with everyday use in mind, while adding just the right touch to your decor.