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Premium handcrafted organic soap in a bear form to celebrate Banff National Park's legendary grizzly bear known as 'The Boss'. 


For normal to dry skin - Oh Canada is a spiced sea salt soap with fantastic lather, wonderful scent + brown speckles of exfoliating coffee pumice.


Organic Ingredients (certified*): Saponified oils of olive* + coconut*, shea butter*, palm, spring water, sea salt, cocoa*, coffee pumice*, essential oils of sweet orange*, cinnamon leaf*, pine*, clove* + nutmeg*




Made in Canada

Tanglewood Garden & Farms - Oh Canada Bear Soap

SKU: 1700041700134
  • Tanglewood's organic artisan soaps are made from the finest, least processed ingredients available. Effective for all skin types while gentle + safe for the entire family.


    Tanglewood Soaps are proudly made with the following ingredients:

    • Organic Food + detoxifiers (activated charcoal + superfoods) to create the beautiful natural colours + textures. 
    • The highest quality certified organic essential oils for scent + aromatherapy benefits. 
    • Wild Canadian organic medicinal plants, flowers + herbs, proudly collected by hand from the generous, giving plants grown on 80 glorious acres at Tanglewood garden + woodland farm near Caroline, Alberta, Canada. 
    • Organic goat milk (when in season + in excess) is generously + humanely provided by beloved, wild pasture roaming, pet Nubian goats.

    Gentle, soothing, cleansing goodness for your skin! Lather up!