A sleek, geometric take on snow-capped mountain peaks, this design is a classic everyday piece that will look great with any outfit. The pendant is two pieces in one: wear it with the brass side out for a simple necklace with an abstract version of the Ugly Bunny mountain logo, or flip it over to reveal a fun, colourful pendant with laser cut wood inlay! Wear it on its own or pair it with Ugly Bunny's classic Cheryl studs. All pieces are designed using original drawings + the wood is laser cut in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia.


Dimensions of pendant: 20mm x 30mm
Chain Length: 18”
Material: Wood, Raw Brass Cabochon + Chain


Available in blackish + white.


Care instructions: Remove necklace before swimming + bathing. Avoid contact with water. Handle with care.


Made in Canada

Ugly Bunny - necklace tabei 18"

  • Ugly Bunny is the collaboration between two crazy kids-at-heart whose art + design backgrounds come together to create an affordable line of high quality, handmade jewellery.

    Each piece involves a laser-cutting technique that transforms original sketches + designs onto wood + other materials. Wood is sourced from a local cabinetry shop + leather swatches from a local furniture store. 

    Every piece of jewellery is lasercut + then hand glued, sealed, painted, varnished, assembled + finally, packaged!


    Earrings: antique brass, surgical stainless steel or sterling silver

    Necklaces: brass + antique brass    

    Pins: nickel free backing


    Laser Cut Wood Jewellery 

  • Bunnies don’t like water! The wooden inlay has been sealed with multiple layers of a high grade spray varnish to help protect it from the elements, but should not be worn while swimming, bathing or sleeping. Avoid contact with lotions, hairsprays or perfume. 


    Although we love the way that the brass will patina over time, all raw brass elements can be cleaned carefully using a brass polishing cloth (such as a sunshine cloth), taking care not to rub the surface of the wood inlay. If the wood surface of your piece gets dirty it can be cleaned using a soft cotton cloth that has been lightly sprayed with rubbing alcohol.