For the mountain lover.


Lake Louise is one of Canada's most cherished + unforgettable Rocky Mountain experiences. In the summer its brilliant blue is breathtaking, in the winter its serenity is a sight to see. The stunning views from the lake shore include a number of mountains + glaciers. From left to right the peaks are Mount Fairview, Mount Leroy, Mount Victoria, Upper + Lower Victoria Glacier, Plain of Six Glaciers + Mount Whyte. A slice of paradise is the best way to describe this magical place. This magic will always be present when wearing this necklace.


Each one of a kind piece is uniquely handcrafted from sterling silver. This necklace will always remind the wearer of their connection to this inspirational + special place.  


  • Due to the handmade nature of this product, charms may vary slightly from the picture above
  • Each charm measures approximately 0.75 Inches wide, 0.4 Inches tall
  • Made from Solid .925 Sterling Silver, always Nickel Free
  • 16", 18", 20" length adjustable chain


Made in Canada

Wild - Lake Louise Mountain necklace

SKU: 50580088
  • WILD is a fine art jewellery collection, handmade in Calgary, AB by silversmith Mackenzie Jones. The inspiration for this collection comes from the raw + wild nature of the Rocky mountain landscape.