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Birch Wood Coaster

Hand varnished to protect from heat, rings + spills.


Using locally milled sustainable wood, these hand-crafted wood designs are created by local artists + photographers then customized for Branches to celebrate the majestic animals of the Canadian Rockies.

Each wood piece will vary in style of grain, colour + markings. We like to think of it as having its own unique personality. Due to these naturally occuring variations of wood, your print may look slightly different than the picture shown.



4" x 4" x 1/2"


Proudly 100% Canadian designed + made.

Wood Coaster - Banff Bear Silhouette

SKU: 1300035300632
  • All products use locally sourced + sustainable wood from local mills that support sustainable farming. We are very proud of this fact + as a consumer, you can feel good about supporting local wood farms that annually plant more trees than they cut down!

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