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made with care

Our carefully chosen handcrafted goods celebrate a return to the values of the artisan craft and are made with fierce Canadian talent and pride. We source with an eye towards modern mountain lifestyle goods and products, always with a nod to the rustic and rugged natural beauty of our Rocky Mountains. This creates an authentic shopping experience at Branches, where you can expect to find the unexpected and be inspired by the talent, creativity and workmanship of our artisans.   



Agnes in August  I  BEL Jewellery  I  Birch Road Designs  I  Birch Street Studio  I  Black Bird Studios  I  Buttercream Clothing  I  Campy Home Candles  I  Cathy Terepocki Ceramics  I  Coal & Canary Candles  I  Cursively Yours  I  Cut Threads  I  Drizzle Honey  I  F As in Frank  I  Flat Bags  I  Flight Path Designs  I  Forest & Waves  I  Friday Sock Co.  I  Friggin' Lip Balm  I  Glee Accessories  I  Happy Spritz Aromatherapy  I  I Dream In Evergreen  I  Jason McKeown Photography  I  Kari Lehr Art  I  Kari Woo Contemporary Art Jewellery  I  Le Chocolatier  I  Linda Cote Studio Printmaking Arts  I  Love My Local  I  Norquay Co.  I  Reclaimed Print Co.  I  Saunders Family Farm   Smoking Lily  I Tanglewood Organic Garden Soap   True North Bottles  I  Treeline Designs  I  Two Blooms Apothecary   Ugly Bunny  I  Velvet Moustache  I  Wild Jewellery by Mackenzie Jones 

Currently Under Construction 

(like all the roads in the Bow Valley!)

“Handmade products are more than just a product. There is love, creativity and uniqueness. And that shows.”

“It's fun to see the creativity and excellence of the very talented designers out there. It harkens back to the days when craftsmanship, creativity and quality were paramount ."

“My favorite reason to buy handmade is just that - it's handmade, which means quality, and a whole lot of love!”

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