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 inspired collectively

Branches is dedicated to featuring as many local and regional makers as possible who design and produce in small batches. Our artisans share a passion for their craft and a commitment to the handmade ethic while designing, creating and producing using a vast array of techniques, materials and production methods.


At Branches you will find one-of-a-kind and small batch quality goods with a unique, personal story. We work with artists who use sustainable, upcycled or recycled materials whenever possible and seek out those who share our community-minded values through their donation commitments and pay-it-forward parnterships. We favour eco-friendly responsible production, while ensuring an eclectic mix of high quality lifestyle products. Our makers prove that artisanal methods and modern, natural Canadian style can beautifully and happily co-exist. 

* Please scroll down for details regarding Artisan Submissions * 


We are always interested in hearing from local and regional Canadian makers.

If you are interested in having your handcrafted goods displayed at Branches, kindly send us an email with the following details:

  • goods you create

  • materials used and design or production details

  • where you are based

  • website address, if you have one (if not, please include photos)

“Connection and transparency. It is lovely to know where, how and by who something was made. I love the personal connection with handmade things."

“When I buy handmade I am buying more than a product. I am supporting an artist who has put care, creativity and love into the product. I am supporting their vision. The product has such a personal history and story."

“Buying handmade is a celebration of creativity, artistry, craftsmanship, self-expression, and entrepreneurship.”

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