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It's been a long week, but vacation is imminent. You pack up, make a coffee, and hit the road. As you cruise closer to the mountains, you start to breath easier. The further you go, the more stress you leave behind. A Rocky Mountain retreat is just what you need. 


The Mountain Vibes Line - Climb the highest mountain, reach the deepest valley. Wherever you go, the Mountain Vibes Line will take you there. The Rocky Mountains inspire us everyday to stay strong, seek adventure + be true to ourselves. When you stop to listen, what do the mountains say to you? 


As with any blanket purchased, Heartprint Threads will donate a blanket to a local charitable cause. 'A blanket for you, is a blanket for someone in need' '


  • Queen size 80" (204cm) x 92" (234cm)
  • 100% Recycled Acrylic
  • Machine loomed in the majestic hills of Peguche, Ecuador
  • cold delicate wash, hang dry


Designed in Canada, Made in Ecuador

Heartprint Threads Queen Blanket - 80 x 92" mountain vibes rocky retreat

SKU: 1300020300494
  • Heartprint Threads is a passion project, born out of a love for travel, design + helping others. Calgary business owners, Jenna + Taylor, believe travel unveils another layer of human interaction + encountering life situations that people endure around the world, allows one to reflect on how much you have back home. Gratitude in abundance.


    This principle, combined with a deep sense of community + a desire to ensure the well-being of all within it, is the driving force behind 'Warm for All' which embraces giving back to local community organizations while supporting + showcasing artisans from economies struggling to meet the needs of the common people.


    With each blanket sold, Heartprint Threads will donate a blanket to The Calgary Drop-In + Rehabilitation Center.                 


    A blanket for you, is a blanket for someone in need.


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