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As maple season wanes and yields to spring, the sugar content of sap drops as trees prepare to leaf out. This is when Sweetbark's very dark syrup is born. You will taste a pronounced, rich maple flavour that is buttery with strong smoky notes. Our personal favourite. Go on—come on over to the very dark side.


Ontario Grade A | Very Dark | Strong taste


INGREDIENTS: maple syrup


Made in Canada

Sweetbark Maple Syrup Co - very dark 473mL / 16oz

SKU: 1200064200050
  • What started as an arboreal interest for two friends with a shared love of the forest, grew into Sweetbark - a small-batch, single-origin maple syrup. In total, five hundred + ten maple trees rooted in the rolling hills of Caledon, Ontario produce this sweet elixir. Boiled over a wood fire, twenty litres of sap from these woods was transformed into this single bottle of maple syrup. From an ancient forest to your table. The result is an artisanal maple syrup that is as robust + as complex as the forest it comes from.

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