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Revitalize + invigorate your senses with these amazing shower drops. Drop one onto the shower floor + enjoy the refreshing aromatherapy these drops provide. Choose from essential oil blends of Breathe Easy or Rise and Shine. 


Breathe Easy: An airway opening blend of essential oils - lime, eucalyptus, frankincense + peppermint. 


Includes 20 shower drops. 260g



Baking soda, food grade citrus acid, coconut oil, sprinkle of beautiful botanicals, essential oils. No dyes, perfumes, or toxic ingredients! 




Made in Caroline, Alberta

Tanglewood Garden + Farm - shower drops breathe easy

SKU: 1700041700103
  • Tanglewood Organic Garden + Farm prides iteslf on being purveyors of finely handcrafted artisan herbal organic soap, skin care + wellness goods in Alberta, Canada. Tanglewood goodness is crafted from the purest, rawest, wildest ingredients available + are gentle, truly safe + effective for the entire family! Free from harmful chemicals, preservatives, artificial scents, perfumes, artificial colours, dyes, GMO's + inferior ingredients.

    If you love beautiful, basic, back to nature body care + vibrant natural wellness, then the Tanglewood collection is perfect for you!


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