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Rise + shine! A zippy grapefruit, gentle yet cleansing shea butter soap in celebration of Peace, Love + Harmony! Fabulous for energizing the spirits bright + early! You'll be singing in the shower with this fun soap.



Organic Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, coconut, calendula, annatto seed and palm, shea butter, spring water, red clay, pink grapefruit essential oil




Made in Caroline, Alberta

Tanglewood Garden + Farm - happy hippy bar soap

SKU: 1700041700264
  • Tanglewood Organic Garden + Farm prides iteslf on being purveyors of finely handcrafted artisan herbal organic soap, skin care + wellness goods in Alberta, Canada. Tanglewood goodness is crafted from the purest, rawest, wildest ingredients available + are gentle, truly safe + effective for the entire family! Free from harmful chemicals, preservatives, artificial scents, perfumes, artificial colours, dyes, GMO's + inferior ingredients.

    If you love beautiful, basic, back to nature body care + vibrant natural wellness, then the Tanglewood collection is perfect for you!


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