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Revitalize + invigorate your senses with these amazing shower drops. Drop one onto the shower floor + enjoy the refreshing aromatherapy these drops provide. Choose from essential oil blends of Breathe Easy or Rise 'n Shine. 


Rise 'n Shine: Uplifting lemongrass essential oil. Wonderful for chasing away the winter blues + boosting the spirits. 


Includes 20 shower drops. 260g

Rise n' Shine drops may not be exactly as shown as florals may vary, but will still be equally beautiful! 



Baking soda, food grade citrus acid, coconut oil, sprinkle of beautiful botanicals, essential oils. No dyes, perfumes, or toxic ingredients! 




Made in Caroline, Alberta

Tanglewood Garden + Farm - shower drops rise and shine

SKU: 1700041700066